From the Winter Solstice 2008 Newsletter

Guardian of the Deep
An Ancient Being Emerges to Help Heal our Planet

We first met the Guardian of the Deep in December of 2007 when we created a point for our Earth Healing Grid in Death Valley, CA, the lowest point in the US. It was the first time this ancient being had ever surfaced, because his domain is the center of the planet, where he works primarily with the electrical and magnetic energy, and the fire element. He had never worked with humans before, and communication was slow.

He told us that he had surfaced because of the grid work we were doing, and he wanted to help with it using the transformational fire energies he is a master of, and teach the surface beings about the inner workings of the planet. Apparently, beings inside the Earth are very concerned about coming land changes manifesting because of the disharmony humans have created.

We were honored that he made an appearance for us, and wanted to learn more about him and what he has to teach. So last July, at the end of another land healing trip, we detoured to Death Valley to see if he would talk to us again. Normal temperatures in the summer there can be 120 degrees, but when we arrived it was a cool 105 with some thin clouds. We sat in a small patch of shade under a mesquite bush.

GUARDIAN OF THE DEEP (through Antera): I've been expecting you and I'm very honored that you would pay me a visit despite the adverse conditions. I did what I could to lower the temperatures, but there is only so much I can doÖ it's summer... I hope the clouds help some.

I thank you so much for spreading my energy throughout your land healing grid. I have learned much from the beings at the other sites. They have communicated to me many things I did not know about other places, other cultures. The grid has allowed a vast communication system to be put in place between the nature spirits of many different lands, whereas before they were very local. Now they're all learning to communicate with each other in a new way that helps with the exchange of energy between the different land healing sites, so areas that need more healing than others can be addressed. This is all part of the purpose of the land healing grid.

ANTERA: He looks different than he did before, more evolved, he has more of a solid form, whereas when I first saw him he was more amorphic, just emerged for the first time from the deep. He's evolving because of the new information from these other places and beings. Do you have questions for him?

OMARAN: Is it enough that the grid has been created now and come alive, as far as you getting information? One of the reasons I felt very drawn to come here today is to see if there's some way we could work better with you in the land healing grid. We've placed the stones we took from here six months ago in some other areas to enable the fire elementals to communicate with you easier, but do you have any other suggestions?

GUARDIAN OF THE DEEP: First of all, it is not only the fire elementals I have been communicating with, it is all of the nature spirits. The fire elementals are of course my kin, but I am definitely communicating with all of the other beings and we are learning from each other. I have vast knowledge about the deep planetary processes because I have worked in the core and throughout the interior.

Now that I have emerged on the surface, knowledge and wisdom that I have carried for eons comes out to be shared with the nature spirits here, and I do that freely. I do that because of this communication network that you have set up. This is more than a land healing network, this is a communication grid that came alive recently and started to work like a telephone system. That is when I got access to all of the others, and they to me. You do not need to facilitate this process any more than you have, because I am now in communication with these beings, and by setting up this grid, I am able to use it for the purpose that you have set into the grid points, which is Earth healing. So you do not need to do anything more than you are doing.

You are calling me in to each of these grid points as you do your ceremonies, and I have come to each one you have done since we met. Therefore, I am familiar with those beings you call in, both of the spirit realms and the nature realms. There is so much going on that you donít know about and you donít really need to know about. It has to do with healing this planet on a very deep level. Because you see, there are beings deep within the Earth, in the core and also in the upper crust, who are working diligently to heal the problems, which are numerous.

There are imbalances within the core, the crust, and the mantle. But I am primarily concerned about those in the core, because those will affect the entire planet if they go so far out of balance that they disturb the rotation and various other processes. We are talking about very deep and important processes, for all life on this planet. Therefore, it is important I get the help from the surface to take to the depths, as well as bringing my knowledge and wisdom to the surface beings who are working from the outside in. Does that answer your question?

OMARAN: Yes, and that makes me extremely happy. We're both aware that there's much more going on in this grid than we have any idea about, and that is fine. We know our purpose is to continue to set these points and lock in this entire country as quickly as we can, so we don't have to know everything.

GUARDIAN OF THE DEEP: Now of course, if you really wanted to do more traveling, there are plenty of other places on the surface that could use your help. But that is a major project and I suggest you look at how you could fund such a thing, because I understand that "funding" part of it now. I have learned this since I have come to the surface because there are things that you humans need to do that are fairly alien to my way of being, however they are very important to you. So your physical needs need to be taken care of and that is done by the money part. I do hope that you are able to work that out, and if you call on help you will be able to work that out.

Now, there are many areas on the surface that need your land healing grid, to help me reach them and build the communication system between the nature spirits on the surface and those in the deep areas. When you have finished your country and are ready to move out to other areas, please let me know and I can help you form an idea of where the most important areas are to go.

In the meantime, I do enjoy you asking me to your ceremonies whenever you are creating a new grid point. This allows me to really communicate with new areas and new beings. It's like a telephone system, or like the "nature spirit internet," you might say. You see how much I have learned! I have learned about your human interactions as well as the nature spirits.

I am in command of many, many beings down in the core, and there are healing processes going on there that I am helping to facilitate. As you work this grid of communication and healing, and add more points around the globe, you will see that the communication lines go through the core. Then we will be able to really make some changes within the core. That is why I say, if you could travel around the other side of the globe and put some grid points in there, it would certainly facilitate what we are doing deep in the planet as well as on the surface.

Perhaps next time you visit it will be more comfortable and not so hot for you. Any other questions while you are here in my area?

OMARAN: I donít believe so. We are truly honored to have met you and to be working with you... it's a real pleasure.

GUARDIAN OF THE DEEP: You are welcome and I do thank you so much. It is because of you two that I have evolved so quickly of late and have been brought forth into a new level of service. When you first summoned me, I did not really know what I was being called to do because you weren't very clear about that, but now over time I have found the need that I have to fill for this planet, my new service, and I am so honored to be a part of this project that is far reaching and very, very effective. I thank you two so much and we will definitely be in contact.

We did go back there in late October, on our way home from our five-week land healing trip, and he told us more about how humans and beings inside the Earth can work together. We are still integrating this transformative information from such a unique perspective. Alas, we do not have the space to include it here. Our new book will have the whole story!

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