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Listen Anytime on the Equinox, March 20


Join thousands of lightworkers around the world
as we hold a space to birth humanity into the next level.

It is up to each of us to break free of old, damaging behaviors that keep propagating hatred, judgment, and fear. These are very contageous energies! If we choose in every moment to focus instead on healing, love, and compassion, we can make the permanent changes we want without continuing in the old patterns that have created the world we have today. When we fight or resist something, we empower what we don't want. Recognizing that people who do harmful things to others are in pain and need healing helps us hold a space for that.

In this meditation, we will gather together and move more fully into our hearts, letting go of old, harmful patterns. This is the way Divine Mother, the Feminine Aspect of the Creator, promotes healing and change so humanity can move into a higher level of consciousness.

Divine Mother, and many Ascended Masters, angels, and devas will be putting their love, wisdom, and compassion behind us as we hold this focus.

In the words of JESHUA:
Every person is aligned with the higher energies of love and compassion, whether they know it or not. There is nothing else that is real! Love is the reality, love is the truth! And for those humans who have expressed energies that are not loving, I know they speak and act from pain and therefore it is up to all the rest of you to love them even more . . . Amid all of the chaos and all of the hurtful words and acts in which some have engaged, still, we see the emergence of the heart energy in everyone! This is the challenge for everyone, to stay focused on the heart, and to have compassion for all, even those who are creating harmful energies. There is nothing more important. No matter how damaging the behavior, how harsh the words . . . love is the answer.

Read the entire message: Jeshua: The Challenge of 2017

PASS THIS ON TO ALL LIGHTWORKERS YOU KNOW! This is a great opportunity to do spiritual service and help yourself in the process. You will be many times blessed!

Participants will be sent instructions and links to the meditation recording and song by email on March 19. Gather a group or do it alone (with the large virtual group!). You can listen any time on the equinox, March 20.

This meditation is led by Antera and Omaran, a twin flame couple who live in Mt Shasta, CA. For over 20 years they have worked together teaching spiritual growth classes, and performing their inspiring music. They are founders of the nonprofit Center for Soul Evolution and Order of the Blue Snake, and builders of the Mt Shasta Pyramid. For more info on them see their websites and

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