Free Meditation on the Equinox
Join Us Live at 6:00am on September 22
Or Listen to the Recording until 6:00 pm
(Pacific Time)


This is a call to lightworkers around the world to help ease humanity's shift into unity and peace.

It seems as though everything is falling apart around us as old structures and ways of living are challenged. But we know this is happening so we can allow more sustainable and peaceful ways to emerge. Humanity is experiencing the effects of growing unto our next level of evolution, which requires many changes. This time has been predicted for decades by the masters, and now it is here!

There is no doubt that we are evolving into a new paradigm of unity, cooperation, and compassion, and to succeeed, we must give up what does not resonate with living in harmony with nature and each other. This collective initiation requires that we all open our heart centers.

The energy influx on the Fall Equinox is a powerful opportunity to align ourselves with this new way of being and share it with our planet and all life. That is what this meditation will focus on.

Please join us in this powerful work! This is an historic opportunity to serve. We will be supported by a large group of Ascended Masters, angels, and devas.

Two ways to join:
LIVE CALL -- Call in and join the meditation as it is presented during the peak time of the equinox.
RECORDED CALL -- Listen to the recording at a later time, during a 12 hour window. The Beings of Light will be holding the space until 6:00pm PDT.


This event is led by Antera and Omaran, a twin flame couple who live in Mt Shasta, CA. For over 25 years they have worked together teaching spiritual growth classes, leadng ceremonies, and performing their inspiring music. They are authors of two books and founders of the nonprofit Center for Soul Evolution, Order of the Blue Snake, the Land Healing Project, and they built the Mt Shasta Pyramid. For more info on them see their websites and

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Thank you!

Center for Soul Evolution is a nonprofit organization.

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Order of the
Blue Snake

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