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Letting It All Go! Releasing Karma and Pain from Your Past
Webinar Series with Antera

First Saturday of each Month, 10:00-11:30am Pacific Time
February 4 - October 7

Taught by email and internet. Please use a computer or tablet with a headset and microphone. You will need your hands free. If you register and cannot attend, you will be sent a link to the video recording to stream, available for one week. No refunds within one week of class.

There are no prerequisites for this class. However, it is only appropriate for people who are familiar with using guided meditations. If you aren't familiar with Emotional Freedom Techniques, you can watch a video about it prior to class.

$280 payment for ALL NINE SESSIONS (one free)

$35 payment for February 4: DISCERNMENT

$35 payment for March 4: INTERFERENCE

$35 payment for April 1: SELF IMAGE

$35 payment for April 22: FAMILY PATTERNS

$35 payment for June 3: UNSUPPORTED

$35 payment for July 1: RESISTANCE TO HEALING

$35 payment for August 5: ATTACHMENTS

$35 payment for September 2: SELF DOUBT

$35 payment for October 7: GREAT DEPRESSION