Every Other Thursday (skipping June 21)
4:00-5:30pm Pacific Time

Clear the slate on your personal and ancestral histories! Being on a spiritual path requires that we all heal limiting and painful energies from our past. This brings us more into present time so we can create our perfect lives NOW.

This series of powerful webinars is fast paced, timed at two-week intervals for optimal integration. The issues are patterns Antera has found in thousands of clients through the years. Almost everyone holds these energies inside, often without being conscious of them, until they are brought up and released. This clearing of limiting patterns includes this lifetime as well as past lives, and whether you remember them or not.

Sessions will include Emotional Freedom Technique, guided meditations, and affirmations so you can continue integration afterwards. This is an inexpensive way to make big changes in your life!


April 26: Lack of Love
love you wanted but didn't get in childhood, and in other relationships

May 10: Power Issues
abuse of power, fear of owning power, persecution for being powerful, control issues

May 24: Poverty
beliefs about lack, vows of poverty, spiritual aspects of money, opening to receive

June 7: Rejection
patterns from when you have been rejected, refused, neglected, or ignored

July 5: Safety and Security (date changed)
fear and anxiety, accidents, sudden deaths, changes, shock, lack of support

July 12: Abandonment
experiences of being abandoned, left behind, excluded, outcast

July 26: Guilt
words from childhood, belief systems, mistakes you've made, need for punishment or attack

August 9: Family Patterns
miasms, mental and physical weaknesses, ancestral issues, DNA, childhood imprinting

August 30: Stuck/Trapped (date changed)
times you have felt held back, stuck, or trapped physically, emotionally, or mentally

September 6: Self Image
false images, words, criticisms, judgments, self worth, limiting beliefs about self

For over 20 years, Antera has been a psychic healer, spiritual counselor and teacher, EFT practitioner, author, and channeler. She lives in Mt Shasta with her twin flame and husband Omaran, where they founded the nonprofit Center for Soul Evolution. For more info on her see their websites twinsong.us and soulevolution.org.

Cost: one session $35. All 10 sessions: $315 (one free)
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Includes a recording of the guided meditation presented in class.

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