Maintaining a healthy, energetic body is of primary importance for anyone on a balanced spiritual path. One of the requirements our bodies have is fresh, nutrient-dense foods full of life force. These days, it is impossible to get these foods at a store. The only way to get them is to grow them yourself.

Growing sprouts year-round in your own kitchen provides fresh, raw plants, packed full of nutrition. There is nothing better, and it is so easy to do! And inexpensive. Get started now by taking this webinar.

Taught by Antera, who has been growing her own sprouts for 40 years. She is a spiritual teacher and counselor, intuitive healer, health advisor, author, and channeler. She lives in Mt Shasta with her twin flame and husband Omaran, where they founded the nonprofit Center for Soul Evolution and Order of the Blue Snake. For more info: and

Cost: $35
A high-speed internet connection is required.

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