Comments from Participants

"Thank you so much for introducing me to the Order of the Blue Snake. All of the meditations were amazing. I appreciated both of you and your personal gifts and teachings. I have much appreciation and gratitude for your dedication and all of the work you have done."

"Amazing, very powerful and empowering experience. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

"Beautiful ceremony and sharing of knowledge. Lovely gifts, deep."

"Thank you both for a wonderful experience. I made an altar for Divine Mother and have meditated daily. Again my heart is full of much gratitude and I look forward to receiving your newsletters and announcements. I am sending you light and love."

"Thank you so much for coming and opening the portal to welcome the Divine Mother. It was (and continues to be) a beautiful experience. I went out today and chanted and sang to her, and I felt her presence very strongly."

"Today has been an amazing day for me with blue snakes appearing everywhere. I am still integrating it all and feel comfortable with my new role as an initiate. A special thanks for leading us on this special journey. I am eager to start working with this new energy and bring the healing that is so desperately needed. In loving blue light."

"My day has been fabulous. Thank you Antera and Omaran for your joyful devotion. Blessings and love."

"Thank you Omaran and Antera for leading us with amazing energy and opening our hearts and minds to being the change we all want to see in this world, for this world."

"I am enjoying my new and even deeper relationship with Divine Mother. I feel a peace and wisdom that is very profound."

"Thank you for a very special weekend. You both put so much loving work into the Blue Snake ceremony - thank you thank you thank you. I was all smiles for the rest of the day after the ceremony."

"I just wanted to thank you both again for the opportunity to share in the experience with the Divine Mother through The Order of the Blue Snake ceremony! It was a pleasure meeting you both in person, and I hope that we may meet again in the future. I am sending you warm, blue flame wishes! Be well!"

"Reflecting back to the memories of those two days has given me an overwhelming feeling of Love, Appreciation and Gratitude beyond words. In my hearts of hearts this has given me a PURPOSE to be served and to be of service to ALL that exist. I find it hard at this moment to tell you both how much I feel about both of you as you have touched my heart in ways that you may not have known. LOVE ... LOVE ... LOVE, this is the perfect word. Thank you both from my hearts soul, With Eternal Love and Blue Flames."

"Thanks so much, Antera and Omaran---I am having so much fun directing the Divine Mother's energy. My husband is reminding me everyday of things that need this energy. What a glorious time it was with you all this last weekend!!! I had so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!"

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