Register for:
Building Awareness II: Psychic Senses
8-Week Webinar with Antera

Wednesdays, March 6 - May 1 (skip March 20)
4:00 - 5:30 pm Pacific Time

Taught by email and internet (tablet or computer, no phones please). You will need a headset.
Classes will be recorded and available to watch for one week if you have to miss one or two.
If you miss one, you are required to watch the recording within two days and report by email.
There is a $44 non-refundable fee for cancellations after February 6.
Early bird price is before February 6.

Payment Plan Option: (contact us for other possibilities)
$144 deposit in January, $175 in February, $175 in March

$444 early bird payment in full (before February 6)

$488 payment in full (after February 6)

$144 deposit

$300 balance (before February 6)

$344 balance (after February 6)

$175 payment plan

$788 couple (before February 6)

$876 couple (after February 6)