Aligning Forces
Five Tuesdays, August 13 - Sept 17 (skip August 27)
4-5:30pm Pacific Time

In this class, you will learn how to tap into the forces all around you in nature and the elements as well as in spiritual sources, then to direct these energies toward a physical goal. You will design and implement your own sacred ceremony to manifest something you personally want. This will be exciting and fun!

You will learn about:

  • setting up the perfect altar
  • designing an effective ceremony
  • choosing a worthy goal
  • adding frequencies from stones, plants, color
  • using magical tools to enhance your purpose
  • adding the frequencies of colors
  • creating a sacred space
  • using the power of the four elements
  • calling Beings of Light to help
  • and much more!

This webinar is a prerequisite for the advanced class, Mastering the Elements.

Antera is a spiritual teacher and counselor, author, and channeler. She lives in Mt Shasta with her twin flame and husband Omaran, where they founded the nonprofit Center for Soul Evolution, Order of the Blue Snake, the Land Healing Project, and built the Mt Shasta Pyramid. For more info on her see their websites and

Cost: $277, Deposit to hold your place: $100
Highly recommended (but not required) prerequisites: Order of the Blue Snake, Optimal Human Beingness Register now.