The Divine Presence is also known as the I Am Presence, the Higher Presence, the monad, the soul's soul, the Christ Self, the God or Goddess Self, or the Buddha within, among other names. It is the part of us that exists in the realms of Spirit, the part that is closest to the Divine.

There is much 'baggage' around some of these phrases, so to fully know this part of ourselves one must see through to the essence of this Light, no matter what it is called. We have chosen to call it the Divine Presence, and the Light that emanates through it the Christ Light, which brings us Christ Consciousness, also called Enlightenment.

The Divine Presence creates only perfection, and if we call it consistently and earnestly into our lives, we gradually give up the discord and struggle and find that it is replaced by harmony and perfection. All energies that we have miscreated will gradually transform into pure Light. This is the giving up of our lower will in surrender to the Higher Will, the Will of God/Goddess, the Will of Divine Presence. Only then can this Presence truly create for us our perfect lives.