From St Germain:
New Year Message

[Through Antera on January 1, 2015, inside the Mt Shasta Pyramid with Omaran.]

I give my blessings for the first day and the entire year of 2015! Every year, as it begins, there is a resurgence of hope and renewal, and new ideas and plans that are readily apparent upon the planet through humanity, and it is so good to see and feel this. Each person who reads or hears my words, is known by me and I give you my special attention, love and blessings.

As you are probably aware, the last two years have been ones of integration. This has been a wild ride for many of humanity, because the energies built and built for more than a decade, and then climaxed in 2012. And since then you have all been integrating those energies within your lives, within your energy bodies, within your physical bodies, with varying success . . . and with varying effort.

Those of you who have been diligently working to heal yourselves for decades may be finding this a bit easier than those who are more newly awakened. In fact, those of you who have been conscious through the whole process, for twenty years or more, are the groundbreakers, the ones who are leading the way for the others, and making it easier. That does not necessarily mean that it has been entirely easy for you. We applaud all of your efforts, we applaud all of humanity in riding these waves and going through the changes and transformation and healing that are necessary for this time.

We believe that 2015 will be a bit easier, because for those of you who have been working very hard on yourselves to heal and progress and transform for many, many years, the hardest patterns and the deepest issues will get a break, will receive blessings that are going to push you forward and to allow you to achieve that which you have been working toward.

Some of you will find that everything you have been focused on comes to fruition, in a very good way, and you can shine your Light out to the world much easier, and to more people. Some of you will find you still have some integrating to do before this can happen. But we do not anticipate quite the chaos that has been on the planet the last two years, to be continuing into this year, because of all the work that you have done. Each individual has done what they could, by healing themselves and helping others.

You might think that there is so much wrong with this planet, there are so many things not working right, there are areas of strife and war, and people who are greedy and corrupt and affecting everyone else. And yes, those things are a part of your world right now. But this year holds the promise of many of those old ways of thinking, old ways of feeling, and old grudges, dissipating much faster.

The way that you, the Lightworkers, help with this is not to put your attention there, but to put your intention and focus into the areas and people, into the thoughts that are creating a better world.

Of course, you have heard this before, but it is well to continue to remind you, because so many of you occasionally get caught up in the chaos, in those energies that are counter to what almost everyone on the planet wants . . . a sustainable, loving, joyful existence that can be enjoyed by everyone . . . a land of plenty for everyone. As you hold the focus on this, it will manifest, and this year is critical for this focus, to make sure that all those transformative energies that have come in and have become integrated, for the most part, by the Lightworkers, can now make their way to those who are more unconscious, who are not awake, who have not opened their hearts.

This is the next level of integration, and we call upon all the Lightworkers to help in this process. And I do mean moment to moment! Controlling your thoughts! If watching the news makes you think bad or judgmental things about some people, then don't watch it, don't put your attention where you cannot hold a focus of blessing and love and joy. For some of you this is easy, but for some of you this is not so easy. This includes everyone in your life and everyone that you don't even know that you hear about. The focus is on the inter-connectedness between all of you on the planet, not to mention all in the universe!

This is also a fast way to integrate the greatest Light within your own system. This year may prove very challenging to some people who have not been awake, who have allowed their thoughts to stray into areas that are non-productive and hurtful.

This is the way WE work! We look for where the Light is, we look to the people who are doing good things for humanity and for all life forms, and we put our attention there. We send supportive and loving energies to those people who are making a difference. We do not send energy to those who are not, but only hold a focus of love and hope so that they have a chance to break through those old thought forms, which are all a part of the old paradigm, the old way of thinking. Humanity must, absolutely MUST move out of the old ways of thinking, that says there has to be wars, that fighting is a way to solve problems, that accumulating vast amounts of money and resources is positive . . . these are all ways of the past!

The underlying strength of those ways of thinking has been vastly decreased, so we know they have to change. This year may be the year that much of that changes into a higher level of consciousness, You may find that people you never thought would wake up are opening very fast, and recognizing their true nature, which is one of love . . . no matter how deep people dig a hole for themselves, they will eventually find their way out. This year our hope is that many who have dug those deep holes, will indeed find their way out. And when they emerge and awaken there will be tremendous joy and support for them!

We love this planet, and we know that you all do as well. It is such a beautiful gem in the universe. Each of you who reads and understands these words, is a beautiful shining Light on the planet! We are so appreciative of what all of you are doing, whether you focus your attention totally inward on healing yourself, or whether you are more outwardly focused. Every bit of healing that happens is noticed, and helps others. No one is alone, not a single being! And we are always with you!

The more Light you create, the more of our attention you get. So let this be the year of great attention, of great Light, of great success and prosperity for the Lightworkers!

I thank you, and ask you again to focus on that which you want, focus on your Divine nature and you will realize who you really are! My blessings upon all of you, every single one!

Antera and Omaran are a twin flame couple who live in Mt Shasta, CA. For over 20 years, they have taught spiritual growth classes, led ceremonies, and performed their inspiring music together. They are founders of the nonprofit Center for Soul Evolution, and Order of the Blue Snake and builders of the Mt Shasta Pyramid. Antera is the author of "Twin Flames" and a gifted channel for Ascended Masters and angels. For more info on them see their websites and

Copyright 2015 Antera and Omaran
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