From Jeshua:
Integration of Unity Consciousness

[Excerpt of a message through Antera on 6/30/13.]

I give my blessings and gratitude to all humanity, through those of you who read or hear my words. I send the highest of the Christ Light energies, and through you may these energies of the purest love and compassion move out to all the rest of the people on this planet. Even if only a few people receive these energies, everyone those few touch energetically, or physically, or mentally or spiritually will also receive these blessings.

This has been an exciting year for so many! The energies of the unity consciousness, that were absorbed by all of humanity, every single person on this planet last year, are now in the process of being integrated by everyone, in whatever way they can. Even those who you think are far from unity, are far from compassion, even they have received the influx of Light. The change was first been received by the lightworkers of the planet, and then went on to others, so every single person received, in whatever way they could. There is no doubt that the unity consciousness is here, and how each person integrates this, what it means to each of you, is unique.

All people are being challenged now to allow this concept and the living of this concept of oneness in their lives, in all areas of their lives. So if you are having challenges in any area of your life, you know you are being asked to move into a higher level of oneness. Every trouble that comes up, every problem, no matter what it is, is related to this. And the highest path through all challenges is to embrace an even greater level of unity, a greater level of awareness between you and everyone else! Between you and all animals, all plants, the earth, the cosmos . . . everything, and everyone.

But especially between you and other people. This is about being in love with everyone. So if you are having relationship issues, if you are having problems or other challenges in any area of your life, the solution is the same, it doesn't matter what the problem is, the solution is bringing in the highest levels of oneness and love and compassion to yourself and to those around you. That is the only solution to all problems!

And sometimes embracing love is difficult in some areas, but this is the challenge. Sometimes loving yourself is difficult, but this is the challenge. And this is what everyone is being asked to do, to integrate these higher levels of consciousness, which go beyond the polarity, into your heart and into every area of your lives.

I know it is easy to talk the talk, and sometimes it is more difficult to walk the walk, but this is where integration happens. It happens in your daily life. It happens in all your interactions with others. Everything you do down to the most mundane of tasks, can be done from a place of compassion and higher consciousness. And this is what is in process. I recognize that it is very challenging to many of you, especially the lightworkers, who took the first of the influx in, to integrate for the rest of humanity.

You who have been working with Light for many years, who have the ability to bring these higher consciousness energies in and integrate them faster and more easily than the rest of humanity -- you are the ones having the biggest difficulties in some cases. Perhaps you did not realize that this means EVERY area of your life must embrace these energies and not only your consciousness in meditation, or your higher mind. But these energies must go down to every level, to the very, very physicality of your bodies, to your relationships, to every part of your life, your job, your every activity.

So I invite everyone to rise up to a quick integration by embracing compassion, by embracing love, by embracing oneness in its most deep meaning.

I love you all so much, and I am here as well as so many beings of Light to help you through these times of integration. And for those of you who thought, once 2012 came and went everything would be smooth sailing, I hope you now realize that 2012 was only the beginning of a new time. But you are all up for this. That is why you are alive now! And I have faith that everyone, everyone on the planet will integrate, will shift.

Thank you, thank you for listening. Take this energy and these blessings out to everyone you know!

Copyright 2013 Antera and Omaran
Permission to share with others in its entirety with full source credit.
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