From Mother Mary:
New Year's Message

[Excerpt of a message through Antera on 1/6/13.]

Greetings my beloved children, and I do mean all children of Earth . . . every last human, animal, plant and mineral. I have been watching this planet, and helping and healing for so long, and yet I have never seen before, through all the civilizations that have grown and died, and grown again, in the history of Earth, I have never seen any do what this current humanity has done.

We have seen, through the end of 2012, the closing of an age, the completion of an old way of being, thinking, and feeling . . . and the opening of a doorway that leads humanity, right now, into a much higher level of consciousness. This has never happened with such a large group of people.

So even though 2012 was much talked about, many fears were brought up, many ideas of possibilities and futures and predictions, it is finished. That era of humanity is now over, it completed on the solstice.

This change of consciousness has been building for many years, for decades. And the very first glimmering of it, the very first idea of this possibility, started many thousands of years ago. This is why there is so much interest in this planet of late. As the possibility, the spark, grew and grew, the possibilities became multiplied. The possible futures became many, many futures. So instead of one probable route ahead, we suddenly saw many futures possible. This is why it was so hard to predict how all of this would play out. But it did play out.

Because of the work of all of the Lightworkers on the planet -- each working in the way that they best could -- many of the predicted, dim futures, the worst of the predictions, did not need to occur. You have created for yourselves a much smoother transition than any of us would have dared to have hoped for. The energies that came into the planet, starting on the 12th of December and ending around the 21st, came through a window that was opened, like many seeds of Light.

Those who were already open to this consciousness received it easily. Those who were conscious of this influx were the ones who received it first and are the ones who will plant the seeds further into the rest of humanity.

And those who were not conscious of it, but are still fairly aware, received seeds that will grow, and hopefully be nourished in their systems as they continue to awaken further. Those who are not conscious at all yet, or who resist these consciousness shifts in any way, still received these seeds of Light. Every heart on Earth received -- every single one! Some will grow fast, some slower, but the consciousness change embedded in codes within these seeds of Light, will propagate, will grow, will envelope and change humanity forever!

The seeds of Light are simple, yet profound. The message is that of unity. The message is that of a higher consciousness and a remembrance that we are all ONE. What hurts one, hurts everyone, what helps one, helps everyone else. We are all in this together! This is unity consciousness. There is no "them" and "us," there is no "bad" and "good," there is no polarity in this unity.

As all of humanity moves closer and closer to really understanding this mentally, and then grasping it experientially in their hearts as Divine Love, the world goes to a place of peace. You cannot hurt another if you believe and know that what hurts the other hurts you. You simply cannot do it. There cannot be war, there cannot be the kinds of suffering that humanity has endured because of the belief in separation.

This simple concept, which has been talked about for a long time, is here now, in everyone's heart! There is no going back! Those of you, as I said, who were conscious of this happening during that period of time in December, you are the ones to really live this, and set the example for others. Finding any place at all in your mind, in your feelings, where you are still holding on to judgment, which is based in separation . . . and healing it. This is your job.

We are currently watching all of these seeds grow. It has only been a short time, and yet, we see sparks of Light in the hearts of every human growing, and growing, and growing. Fueled by every thought of union you have, by every thought of love that you have for others and yourself, fueled by every act of kindness, fueled by beauty and art and music that is of a higher consciousness.

Yes, this is what we are currently watching, and we are so immensely pleased!

This next year, however, will not be perfect. It will take a while for these energies to be fully implemented and grasped, especially by those who are very much holding on to the old way of thinking. But . . . it will happen.

To make it happen even faster, 2013 we see as a year of the Divine Feminine, of bringing into the planet an even greater force of the feminine energy, to facilitate the balance, to create more healing and cooperation, rather than competition, rather than fighting. This is the year for the greatest influx possible of Divine Mother's energy. For those of you who are already very steeped in this energy and using it in your lives, it is time to use it even more, and expose others to it. There is nothing more powerful than the sacred feminine energy, and the time is finally here for it to grow into ripeness and balance on this planet, and among humanity.

We believe you will see this happening and we are asking for all of your help in facilitating it, in opening to it even more, and in balancing your own masculine and feminine sides to a much greater degree than ever before.

So 2013 will be a time of change, just as 2012 was, but because it is a start of the new consciousness, rather than an ending of the old consciousness, there is much more hope now. The energy of 2012 was rather dense due to the fears and the predictions, the possibilities. But 2013 is full of hope! Because of this incredible influx of loving energy from the universe to you, and you, and you, and everyone . . . we believe people will now look to the changes as opportunities to let go of cultural ideas and structures that do not serve a higher consciousness, and are not sustainable, and do not support the Divine Feminine . . . rather than seeing themselves as victims, or others as victims.

This is the shift in consciousness, this recognition that the Divine Plan is in action, that there are no accidents and all happens according to the highest plan. And that plan is being created with all of humanity, because you are all co-creators.

So I see this next year as one of shining Light! Changes -- yes, but changes for the good. Higher consciousness, Divine Love, balance and healing coming into every interaction, much more quickly than ever before.

Many secrets have come out already, the hidden has been exposed. More of this will happen, because secrets are not conducive to Oneness. And in truth, there are no secrets! Everything is known at some level. At the Higher Consciousness level, everything is known.

So secrets will be exposed, even more, and this is a good thing, this is very good. Watch for this and bless it when it happens. And make sure you are carrying no secrets within yourself, if you wish to take some advice from me, because they will backfire on you this year if you are. Opening to the Highest Consciousness and Divine Love does not allow for secrets.

For those of you who read my words, I give you my greatest blessing. I expose you even further to a deepening of your higher nature, to the remembrance of who you are.

We all give you our gratitude for taking this route, for sticking with it, and coming out victorious! Victorious in the Light! Victorious in our Oneness!

Copyright 2013 Antera and Omaran
Permission to share with others in its entirety with full source credit.
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