From Archangel Metatron:
Message for the New Year

[Excerpt of a message through Antera on 12/29/13.]

I greet you, this is Metatron of the Light! I graciously bring forth Divine Light from the Source of this universe, and turn my attention to this beautiful planet and all of the life forms on it. As I greet you, I bring to each participant of this planet, each human being who agreed to be present and experience this momentous time, the highest and most beautiful flows from the Creator!

You who are on the planet now knew, absolutely, that this would be a very challenging time to be alive and in the physical! And this has indeed come to pass, so there are no surprises! The only surprise that we see, is that this transition time has been extremely smooth! Compared to what could have happened, compared to the upheavals and other disastrous forms of change that could have happened, we are seeing a smooth transition, for the planet and all inhabitants!

This year has been one of adjustment. 2013 has been the year after the huge influx of energies, the year of adjusting the planet's energy in all regards, all dimensions. And the year that all lightworkers needed to make adjustments in their lives to accommodate this flow.

2014 promises to be the second year of adjustment, and by the end of 2014 we have the hope that adjustments will have been made, and the new world, as you have envisioned it, will be much closer to fulfillment. Within each of your lives, as lightworkers, you have had to "clear the slate," so to speak. You have needed to make some changes to release the old, to handle areas of your lives that were not aligned with the new way of living on the planet, and this has caused some disturbance for many.

And on top of that, the newly awakened souls are pushing their way forward, are trying to take short cuts, are believing they can do much evolving in a short period of time, without realizing the process of evolution is a step-by-step process that needs to be accomplished without shortcuts. And these newly awakened beings on the planet are pushing the lightworkers even more.

Many lightworkers have pulled back from their outward lightwork, so they may make these adjustments in their lives, and so they may continue to move forward later, so they may move into a higher path after they have made the adjustments they need. But we are very grateful to find that some small percentage of lightworkers have continued with their work, have continued with their service. It is this small group for which we are very grateful, because it has made it possible for this planet and humanity to continue on a fairly smooth path. We are so grateful to those who continue their service, who continue to hold the planet and humanity as a high priority in this transition time!

We do make a call to all those who have paused or pulled back from their service work to once again move forward with it and help the few who have continued. Our call is to come forward again, to continue with the work because it is not over yet!

For many people, 2012 was a climax of energy and all that they looked forward to. And it is natural that there be a slight letdown afterwards. But again, it is not over yet! That was a major shift, but it had been in the making for many years, and as these two years of adjustment create the changes in form and energy within each life, government, and the Earth, it will become much more apparent that that energy flux in 2012 was only one of many. Each time there are big changes people need to adjust, but not stop their work. Evolution must continue, and this is why we put the call out. After one year we do expect many to have finished their period of adjustment and be able to move forward again.

As the veils thin, and the vibrations increase, much is revealed, much truth must come out! The secrecy that has clouded much of humanity's beliefs, the falsities that have been believed, must be removed. As we shine the Light even more intensely, the falsities will be exposed, more and more. Within cultures, within government, within each individual life! And as this occurs it can sometimes throw people into crisis. To avoid this, your strength, your groundedness, your connection to what is important with your Higher Self and your connection to your Divine Self is what sustains your sanity!

If enough people have this kind of stability, throughout this process of revealing truths, there will be enough stability to carry forward as a collective, and to blast away the chaos that could be formed, and move into an Age of Truth and Wisdom. The only way the Divine Plan can be fully implemented, and this planet move fully into Unity Consciousness, is for people to open their inner senses and realize how connected you all are, to each other, to the other life forms, to the planet, to the universe. When these connections are well acknowledged and awareness is built enough so that the consciousness of the collective can break free of the falsities and denser energies, this is when we will see true evolution of humanity, to the highest level possible with this planet!

So I encourage each lightworker to continue to tune in, not just listening to other beings, but tuning to your Higher Self, to the Greater Truth, to the illumination and wisdom that is available, through your Divine Self! Hold that consciously throughout the thinning of the veils, throughout this time of removal of falsities, so that you can see and hear clearly. Removing the blinders is essential for Unity Consciousness to be manifest!

We are very excited about the flow that is happening, about the awareness that is on the brink of becoming historical, of becoming "unheard of before!" In this entire experiment, this entire experience with humanity, never has this been attempted.

We are incredulous with what has happened so far! We are so encouraged and grateful to all lightworkers and those who are just awakening, for what is occurring and how these energies are manifesting, and how stable and smooth this process has been so far. But it is not over yet! And this is why we continue to call the lightworkers to action within the inner planes.

We thank you all! And I shine my Light coming from the Creator, onto each of you! Thank you.

Copyright 2013 Antera and Omaran
Permission to share with others in its entirety with full source credit.
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