From Archangel Aurora:
Message to Lightworkers

[Excerpt of a message through Antera on 9/2/13.]

I greet you one and all, and upon my wings of Light I carry to you this message, and make my connection through these words.

This message is for Lightworkers, those who are the first to engage with the unseen energies, to bring forth the higher frequencies into yourselves, in all aspects of your lives, and down to the most dense matter that you have in your life --your physical body and all of the material things that you have around you.

I speak to you today because we are finding this to be quite a challenge to many. To bring these higher frequency energies into the physical realms, you must bring them through the astral realm. And this realm is now acting in desperation. Because the veils are thinning, because there are so many changes and evolutionary processes going on for humans, the beings and energies of the lower astral realms are up in arms, you might say, and are going for the Lightworkers. They are affecting the thoughts, emotions, and decisions of many of you.

This is not because you are not strong, it is not because you have not been diligent enough in your efforts to heal. It is because this is the challenge of these times. Many of these beings were created by humans over long periods of time, from thinking negative thoughts and experiencing anger, frustration, and other lower emotional energies. They have come to be intelligent over time, and are capable of honing in on those which would threaten their existence.

But let us keep this in perspective. Even though many of you have succumbed, whether wholly or in part, to these energies . . . they are not real! They are not real beings. This means they can be dismissed, and taken to the Light to either be dissolved into Light or transformed into purity.

I'm speaking of this not only because it seems to be a problem right now with many, but because there are many other people around each of you, and if you are allowing thoughts from these astral beings, then you are propagating those thoughts to others through your words and actions. Your goal, as Lightworkers, is to control your thoughts at all times, and to notice if your thoughts are unlike you -- and change them.

If your thoughts are leading you to a place of separation from other Lightworkers, from family, from friends, then question those thoughts. If you find that your thoughts are leading you to a place of judgment, about others, about yourself, or about the world, question those thoughts. These are the most important thoughts that are being put into Lightworkers now by these beings. They are not your thoughts!

I invite each of you to go to the core of your essence, and see if you are having any thoughts that are not aligned with your core essence, with the Christ Light that is completely non-judgmental, and is full of compassion and love for yourself and others. And if you find thoughts that are not aligned with your essence then focus your healing on changing those thoughts. Look for the tiniest thought within yourself that might have drawn this in. Look to heal your deepest wounds so that you will not draw these other energies into your space.

There is much to be learned by the astral realm, and in "usual" times you would think of these entities as stimulus to heal yourself. They do point out those parts of you, the thoughts, emotions, and pain that are not yet healed. All will be pointed out by this type of energy. However the times right now are greatly enhanced and clearly the Lightworkers are being challenged far more than usual, in this regard.

So let us create a space of healing for the Lightworkers and draw your attention back to that which is the Light. As the veils thin, there are always challenges, and they may come in a form that you did not expect. But all of this is simply energy. The higher your awareness, the more enhanced your awareness of your essence, of truth, of wisdom, the more you focus on Divine Love and compassion, the less you give the counter-thoughts any attention, the easier they will dissipate from you.

After all, it is about where you put your attention and what thoughts you allow your mind to entertain. You are all becoming so much more powerful. As you gain power and the ability to create more quickly, with the thinning of the veils, you will find that you have to control your thoughts so much more diligently! And this is about awareness, being aware of your thoughts in every moment.

You will integrate these amazing energies, you will make it through this thinning of the veils, if you hold true to your purest essence of Light. This is the quickest way to integrate, to become the highest consciousness you may become in this lifetime. Everyone who is alive today knew, before being born, that this would happen. You have all been waiting for this, whether consciously or unconsciously, for this time in history. And it is happening!

Last year and the years leading up to it were amazingly intense, and you had plenty of time to heal, to move forward and evolve, to gather tools that would help you do this. Now you are in the integration phase and this means bringing all those energies into the densest part of your life and your bodies.

It is a challenge and an exciting adventure that none of you will regret going through. You have so much help from us, you have so much help from your Earth Spirit, and from the other humans going through it. This is a time of group effort. When one breaks through, he or she leads the way for others, to make it easier for them.

I thank you all for taking this amazing journey! I thank you all for being alive at this time and being open to receive my words, and I wish you all the highest and most beautiful consciousness shifts you can make!

Blessings of the Light on you!

Copyright 2013 Antera and Omaran
Permission to share with others in its entirety with full source credit.
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