From Jeshua:
Rising Out of Polarity

[Excerpt of a message through Antera on 7/22/12.]

My most loving and precious blessings from our God/Goddess Creator and through me.

I invite you to move to a new level, and further out of the density, further out of the polarity of this world. You can focus on the polarity of this world, seeing the good and the bad. But this does not create a Christed being, who sees nothing but perfection in everyone, in every activity, every action that is taken by others . . . seeing the God/Goddess energy expressed through everyone and having the faith to know that all that happens is agreed to -- even when one is victimized by another -- it is agreed to ahead of time by the souls in question.

So to become the greatest Master is to rise above the polarities and to recognize that all things happen according to Divine Plan. There will always be actions and reactions, people being hurt on this planet. That is and has been what this planet has provided for souls to evolve. Rising up out of the focus of the duality means opening your heart to compassion for all beings, whether you believe what they are doing is good or bad. It does not matter, all is in right timing, all is agreed to, so there is no good and bad.

The polarity is for the benefit for all humans to experience the extremes, and then to rise out of that kind of polarized good and bad thinking into a unified thinking, a thinking of the wholeness, the oneness of all beings.

This is an experience that all humans go to at some time, and when you do, you really experience the compassion and the final heart opening that is available to all humans who become Masters of this world, who become fully realized in their awareness on this planet.

I invite all Lightworkers to remember what is most important and not to get distracted by the seeming chaos, by the conflicting information that is so readily available now -- so many channels, so much information of this or that special energies coming in. My message here is to focus on what is important, and that is your enlightenment, that is embracing the energy of your Divinity, and not getting distracted by all the different bodies of knowledge, or activities in your life. Focusing instead on what is important, and becoming the compassionate one, the one who loves all no matter what they do, the one who understands the human experience at such a deep level that there is no judgment of others, or yourself.

These are very chaotic times and you want to be careful who you spend your time with, who you are around, making sure that you are not trivializing your efforts and energy into activities or shallow people who do not build Light within you, and in whom you cannot build Light. Finding your priorities, the priorities of a Master, the priorities that say "This is where I put my Light because it is accepted, because it grows, because it is worthwhile," and refraining from those activities which are not, or those people who drain your energy without accepting the Light.

I invite all of my children to find that place of beingness, and quiet within, every day, several times a day. This is the stabilizing place that will help all through this chaotic time, and help you rise into a higher perspective of what is truly important and what is truly of the Christ, what is truly of your Divine nature, what is truly compassionate of others, and non-judgmental.

I thank you for listening.

Copyright 2012 Antera and Omaran
Permission to share with others in its entirety with full source credit.
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