From Melchizedek:
Message for the New Year

[Excerpt of a message through Antera on January 1, 2012.]

I AM MELCHIZEDEK I AM! I welcome all of you who read these words to feel my personal greeting. For everyone who reads these words receives my touch of blessings.

This calendar year of 2012 has been much looked forward to by so many people on Earth! Looked forward to, feared, embraced . . . there is much excitement as well as fear of the unknown, or of all the various scenarios that have been predicted. Of course, many of the predictions will not come to pass, and some will. But all predictions are only snapshots of what is one possible path for humanity, for the Earth. So it is well and good not to latch on to any.

I am pleased to give you a message on this new day of the new year, and this year I see as a very powerful one for everyone, for all humanity. Powerful in the sense that what you want to embrace in your mind, what you intend to have, what life you intend for yourselves, will manifest more quickly than ever before.

Those of you who are lightworkers, who are already aware, who already work with energy, who are already clear of mind and thoughts, will find this an exhilarating time and very productive. Those who are newly awakened or who have not yet come to terms with the power of their minds, who have not yet learned to control their thoughts and channel them into what they truly want, will have a bit rougher time. But everyone will find, I believe, this to be a time of great power, in many ways.

For many of you who are aware, this is a time to be one hundred percent authentic with who you are. One hundred percent aligned with your Divine Self, removing the shackles of the personality, removing the beliefs in your culture, heritage, and other beliefs that limit you, removing those now so that you may shine your lights so much greater, to a much wider area of influence. This is what I mean by power, it is the power of your Divinity!

By far the greatest task that we, who you call Ascended Masters and angels, have is convincing you of who you really are, is reminding you over and over and over again, until you get it, until you know at a deep level, until you become the highest form that you can be while maintaining a physical body.

As you are perhaps aware, in the midst of this tremendous power and unlimited possibilities is also tremendous chaos, as many in the world do not recognize their Divinity at all, or to a very small degree.

The part of your world that you call your astral realm is up in arms, is very active, is working at convincing everyone that this kind of chaos and emotional way of relating and being is real! Those who can sense this activity know of what I speak. Right now all of you who are awakened, who are aware, who already work with energy and Light, you have everything you need to create the most perfect lives for yourselves and sphere of influence, that will affect many, many around you positively, and draw them up with you. But there is this nagging chaos surrounding you, and it wants expression, it wants to drag you down, it wants to cause you stress, problems, anger, sadness. It wants to pull you into the drama that is of the human personality, of the lower self. It wants to show you where your pain is and bring you down to grovel in it.

My best advice to you is to completely pull your mind off of all of those energies, to do everything you can this year to keep yourself balanced mentally and emotionally. To focus on your spiritual practice like never before, to focus on that which is real, and to rise out of the illusory energies that are so desperate now to grab you, so very desperate. They want to distract you, they want to bring you into drama, but this year is a year of triumph! It is a year of banishing those energies from your personal lives and from the world.

There are many forces at work already that have been working steadily, consistently to banish these energies, to clear and purify the atmosphere of your planet. And many of you are associated with activities that help to do this, help to heal and purify. The Earth itself is purifying in many ways, through natural disasters, fires, floods, whatever is needed will be done. But the quicker this energy is purged, and I do mean this year, the fewer so-called disasters will occur.

You know, this is all about purification. Each of you is a micro version of the entire Earth and all of humanity! There is such a connectedness, this is not a time to go off by yourself and ignore the world, this is not a time to go into bliss and concentrate on only that. For at the same time you clear from your own space these lower energies, you must do it for the entire planet. This is the hope of humanity . . . all of you who read these words. And you know who you are. Already so much has changed, already so much has been purged, but there is more to do.

We of the Order of Melchizedek have been putting out our call to lightworkers around the planet for years now to help with this very project of clearing the astral realm, to help with raising consciousness of humanity by doing this, and many of you have responded. Many of you have been initiated and have received the gifts from this, have received greater attention from the Ascended Masters and angels. To all of you we have great respect, admiration and love.

This is no game. Experimental, yes . . . but it is not a game, it is very real! And the urgency you feel is real. But whatever happens, it is up to each of you to know, deep in your hearts, that you did your best, that you applied yourselves to your own enlightenment and to the raising of consciousness of those around you by being Light, by choosing love, by recognizing what is real and what is not. By holding on to the truth and discarding all that tries to fool you. This is your power! And 2012 is a year of power!

We thank you so much and continue to give our support and blessing to all of your deeds that are aligned with the Light, and to every thought that is aligned. And we also ask that you keep it up! So much can be lifted this year. Take advantage of these energies, take advantage of these blessings to completely change your life and the lives around you into the realms of Light.

My blessings and thank you for listening.

Copyright 2012 Antera and Omaran
Permission to share with others in its entirety with full source credit.
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