From St Germain:
Feedback on the Land Healing Project

[Excerpt of a message through Antera on 7/17/10.]

Note from Antera and Omaran: On our way back from our land healing trip to Canada, we stopped in the Tetons (Wyoming) to go inside the etheric Ascended Master Retreat there. These are some of St Germain's comments about the work we had just completed.

I thank you so much for coming, we all thank you for coming here today, and for ending your trip at this spot. We want you to know that already we see considerable more stability in the continent from what you have done in Canada and the work you have done on this trip, as well as what you did in the Rocky Mountains further south. We are actively working with all of these new sites you have created, and all of these beings you have awakened . . . we, meaning many of us here as well as other beings such as the Crystal Beings of the Rockies. They are all working together now and building their awareness.

This awareness is quite new for many of them, especially for the Canadian beings [elemental devas in charge of mountains, who we met on our trip] who have been slumbering in terms of their service work. They have been made more aware of the need for their help, especially because of the work of White Buffalo Calf Woman and the Crystal Beings, who have really risen to the challenge in bridging the gap between humans and other devic beings, and asking for their support.

Without their support, humans will have a much harder time creating what they want on this planet, and I put it in those terms because I do not want to sound like humans are in such dire straights that there is no hope. There is hope! And because of the enlistment of these beings and others like them, we do see more hope! We see that they can do what we cannot.

The Ascended Masters, such as myself, can do only so much. We are in charge of the Higher Realms, and in supporting humans from those realms, by giving Light, giving Love, giving courage, and all of these higher qualities that can help humans at this time. The beings that you have been awakening in your land healing trips, work from a slightly different place. They are very needed now because they can support humans and all life and the planet itself from a very unique perspective that we do not have, and humans do not have.

So their help is very, very appreciated and needed. As you know, humans have disregarded these beings, ignored them, disbelieved in them, and worse. They have also made it very difficult for them because of the physical structures that have been built. There are so many humans, and they have taken over so much of the land, that it has been very difficult for these beings to survive on the surface as they once did.

So by reawakening them and showing them that there is hope, just as the Guardian of the Deep said before, this is powerful! Showing that it can be done, that there are humans who do want to heal the planet, such as yourselves and many others. Some act, some don't, but there are many who are aligned with the process of healing the planet in some way, whether physically or by energy work.

This is what we really want them to see and understand, that this is a new time, this is a special time, this is a time for cooperation once again, and to let go of and forgive and move on from the old days (even recent times) when humans did ignore and disregard their wishes and their needs. So this is why it is such an important time and an important work that you do, and so we honor you for this, we thank you and give you our most gracious blessing.

OMARAN: As far as the Canada grid points we created, how do they help in the overall picture?

ST. GERMAIN: By engaging those lands to the north of the United States, you are also, in essence, creating more connection and communication between the two countries. There is more going on there than you realize because as the two countries communicate better, create more that is in line with what both want, they become more compatible even governmentally and politically. And you will see the same thing happen when you do Mexico and further south. So there is more happening than just stabilizing the continent, which is, of course, not trivial. However, we believe this will help in many ways, at many levels.

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