From Archangel Hope:

[Excerpt of a message through Antera on 1/28/10.]

I come to you from the realms of Light, from where I stand next to Divine Mother Creator. My job is to take the Rays of Light from the Creator and focus them into a Ray of Hope, shining this on your planet, all of humanity and all life forms. I surround your planet one-hundred percent of the time with this Ray of Hope, that whenever humans need such energies, they may simply tap into them. My goal is to make it a very solid and accessible energy around all humans so that when they need hope the most, and even when they do not need it, it is there for them and very easily reached.

This is why I am called Hope, it has become my name, my most sacred name. I come to you to help you in your individual lives, to embrace even more fully, to the utmost of your capabilities, this energy of hope that is absolutely constant. There is never a time when there is no hope!

Hope is what opens the doors to new possibilities, new awakenings, new creativity. I ask each of you to look within and notice how strong this ray is within you. How much hope do you have for yourselves, and for humanity? If you tell me you have sixty-five percent hope, and the rest is doubt, then I know my work is not finished. My goal is one-hundred percent hope and zero doubt, for hope is the antidote to fear and doubt.

Hope, when it is present, always offers new and perhaps unforeseen possibilities and opportunities. If humanity loses hope, fear takes over, apathy takes over, depression sets in. But I am here to tell you that there is always hope, and I do mean always, and all ways, and all time, and all space.

I ask each of you to look within yourselves and ask, where do you not have hope? Where have you allowed thoughts of limitation about your life, and about humanity? In which areas is your hope lowest? Because those are the very thoughts and beliefs that I wish to help you with. It is my goal to help you find hope in every single situation, every single conflict in the world or energy that seems to be stuck.

So call to me whenever you find yourself thinking these limiting thoughts, ask me to help inspire you to new opportunities, new levels of creativity, new openings, so that you may see from a much broader perspective and pull yourself out from those limiting thoughts.

This is what the quality of hope does, it pulls you out of the lower ways of thinking, which are limiting and fearful, and puts you in a place where your soul can see unlimited possibility, pure creation energy, pure unlimited everything, the place where energy work is done, the place where manifestation is absolutely quick and easy. I ask you to reach whenever you find yourself in need of it, and allow this Ray of Hope to pull you out. Simply call on me and ask to be blessed. I will send you my ray of light and simply pull you out, showing you what is possible, opening your minds.

I have always been active, but I am right now becoming even more active because it seems these energies do fluxuate, and people seem to be very influenced by what they perceive as truth, by what they see in the media or hear in the media. This sways the mood of humanity tremendously, so that hope is a very needed quality to have as a constant and strong energetic presence, so that people will be less swayed by what is going on in the world or how it is being presented to them by the media.

Depending on how events are described with words, they can be uplifting or not, they can destroy people's hopes or raise them up, it's all in how it is expressed! This is why I try so hard in my efforts to create a constant source of hope energetically around the planet. So that it is more stable in the minds of humans and will keep them from being quite so vulnerable to those thoughtforms that are so fearful.

Those of you who are in the higher echelons of humanity and can reach us more clearly, you are key to the success of this time of consciousness raising. Even though there are few of you, it does not take many to counteract those who would try to keep humans in the dark and ignorant. This is a time of awakening and it has been decreed by Divine Mother the Creator, that all of us who stand by her side are to become even more greatly involved with this planet, and give our rays of Light even more strongly, especially into those who are receptive, and to light the way for them so they have a path to follow. So when I send the Ray of Hope in, I search constantly for those who may receive the ray, those who are on the verge of awakening. The job of lightworkers is to reach those who are not as easily reached by us because they have become very dense and they have forgotten who they are and they are asleep so very much of the time. The lack of consciousness -- the fact that many, many people are not yet awakened -- is the biggest obstacle to creating a massive consciousness shift on this planet.

The best ways to reach them remain working through those who are already awakened in human form, who can reach below to those just behind, propagating it down. This remains the most effective way to work, until there is a massive shift. This is what we are looking for, as I and the other beings of Light propagate our rays of Light to the world, we looking for a critical mass to show us that the awakening is successful!

Because I am in charge of the Ray of Hope, I say it is happening! I see hope everywhere! I see the creative spirit of humanity finding solutions, becoming more conscious, becoming aware of the planet and their connectivity with the planet and each other! This is happening and this is what I would call very hopeful!

Understand also that when the false or illusory ideas that used to be hidden are brought into the open, this is a sign of incredible hope, but when this happens there will be chaos for a while, it will seem as if things are getting worse. It's important to remember that as the population at large starts to understand what is really happening, this is a sign of the greatest hope because that is the very awakening that is needed for people to shake off their slumber. As these secrets come out, as all of these practices of people who are greedy or otherwise harmful are exposed, and people see this more clearly, this gives hope in the greatest amounts!

Because even though there will be chaos and disorder in the process of changing things, it unleashes this very creative potential that I speak of that is aligned with hope and finding solutions that may not have been thought of before. Every human has the potential to embrace and express tremendous creative spirit and to find untold numbers of solutions for all the problems! So every time something comes out in the open that was not common knowledge before, this is a time to rejoice and celebrate and to focus on hope to unleash the greatest potential creative power!

Copyright 2010 Antera
Permission given to share this message with others in its entirety and with proper credit.