From Isis:
About the Pyramid

[Excerpt of a message through Antera on 2/7/10.]

As you tone the sounds of the different chakras, that tone is so magnified in the pyramid that it will rapidly open those energy centers up and draw out resistance. In this way, those centers are healed very, very quickly. The ray of this pyramid magnifies what is possible. As you use this energy and sit in here for long periods of time you will find all of your healing going much more rapidly. It will accelerate all that you are working on.

This is why Ra-Ke-Da has suggested the vision quests, because staying in for a longer period of time, once people are ready for it, is a way of finding a new level of harmony throughout all systems. In the process, people will find their issues coming up and out. And if they stick with it, without reacting, this healing energy will balance and harmonize to a magnified and accelerated degree.

Sitting in here for a small amount of time, say an hour, is very beneficial, and can be very powerful especially for those who are not used to pyramid energy, which means most people. It can also be very beneficial to beginners on their spiritual path, because when a beginner comes in here they may get some very quick awakenings. Beginners may need shorter periods of time and integration time in between for their optimal growth. An hour a day for a period of time would be optimal for those who are just awakening.

Another group of people who may be drawn to the pyramid are lightworkers who have been delayed, shall we say, on their path and soul's mission. This delay could be because they have had big lessons to learn, or they have ignored some things that need to be handled, or they have gotten distracted by the outer world, or they have developed physical illnesses. All of these things put lightworkers temporarily off their paths. These are the people who will benefit from longer periods in the pyramid to fully integrate these energies, strictly for their healing, at first. Then, once the healing is complete, longer times to help them receive the guidance that they need on their path and help them get re-motivated in their spiritual work.

This re-motivation is a very powerful factor in pyramid energy for those who have lost their motivation or have found themselves lacking energy upon those parts of their lives that are spiritual. The pyramid energy helps give balance where that is needed.

Every pyramid has its own abilities and themes, and though pyramid energy is universal, yet there are slight differences between the pyramids in the world.

This pyramid repairs soul damage. It brings the soul back to oneness, back to the original of the soul. By that I mean if there has been fragmentation, because of traumas and other experiences through the ages that have damaged the soul, then the soul is what will be worked on the most. Soul damage is more common than perhaps most people think. And this repair system is simply a by-product of this energy, one does not have to do anything, one does not even have to ask and this happens within the pyramid.

As the soul gets stronger and the body gets stronger, everything in between takes care of itself, doesn't it? This also will help many people ground themselves in their bodies and in their lives. That means bringing the soul more fully in, and this is why many people will find more clarity of their soul's purpose and get more motivated again on their life's path.

This is a property of the pyramid energy itself. This pyramid, in particular, does all those things and it also has the connection to the crystal in the mountain. Because of this connection and also because of where this pyramid is situated on Mt Shasta, there is an aspect that causes it to open dimensional doorways . . . .

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