From Jeshua:
Getting Through These Times of Stress and Challenges

[Excerpt of a message through Antera on 8/8/10.]

I give my deepest blessings to all who read these words, my blessings and the blessings of the Christ Light, upon each person who is touched by these words and the energy contained within them.

I call each of you during these times of stress and challenges, to remember who you are, and what you came into this life to do. I don't mean even your service work, I mean the deeper reasons you are here.

When you go through your life and find yourself having challenges, or problems, or losses, remembering that you are here to love, pure and simple, will help you through these times! And when I say you are here to love, I do not mean romantic love, I mean, of course, unconditional love . . . in every situation, every single one!

Many times people do love in most of the situations in their lives and most of the people in their lives, but this is a time to raise to a new level where every single person in your life receives your love, where every situation in your life receives your love. Even those that you have not liked in the past can be loved, if you so choose. And the very nice thing about this is that once you switch over from complaining or disliking to loving and accepting, often the situation changes into being worthy of your love.

Love is absolutely the most powerful force for healing that you have! And this is why I say remember who you are, because you are a Being of Love. There is no doubt, this is who you are at the core! Everything else falls away when you shine a Love Ray on it, and allow all judgment and other negative energies to disperse through your choice, entirely through your choice. You can do this!

These times have some of the most incredible opportunities ever on this planet, which means there is no time to lose. There's no more time to put it off, no time left if you want to proceed on a fast evolutionary track. It is time to let go of everything that is not love from your system.

This is all about an internal process, a change within you that only you can make. No one can do this for you. I can't do this for you. The great Masters and angels cannot do this for you. It is a choice all humans have to make themselves. This is what free will is.

What I see happening right now is that many, many people are being challenged to love, and they are succeeding! There is so much opportunity for fast and very efficient progress for your souls right now that you want to take advantage of this time, and use whatever tools are available for healing.

Continue your processes and learning, but at the same time remember that ultimately it's all about learning to love, period. All the healing processes and other methods you use are designed to help you remove that which would block love, block your ability to love.

But there comes a time when you have to get down to the core and really know at a deep level, at an experiential level, at a remembrance level, at the soul level, how powerful love really is. And when you get that, there will be exponential growth and you will wonder why it took so long, and you will wonder how it could be so easy.

It is easy, and it is simple! But every person must get there through their own choices and by following their own path. It is our hope that everyone will get there. Perhaps not in this time period while the accelerated energies are here, but at some point we hope everyone makes it.

You are all incredible beings, courageous, some of the most courageous, to be alive at this time and take advantage of the rapid growth! Know that you are never alone! There is never a time the love does not flow to you unless you deliberately cut it off.

We so honor all of you, all of the lightworkers, whether they know they are lightworkers yet or not, we honor you, support you and love you at very, very deep levels. And whenever you want this energy it is there for you, take advantage of it, use it, choose love!

I thank you for listening, my greatest blessings of the Christ upon you.

Copyright 2010 Antera and Omaran
Permission to share with others in its entirety with full source credit.
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