Guardian of the Deep
More from the Ancient Being Who Emerged to Help Heal Our Planet

(Excerpt of a message through Antera in Dec 2009)

This is a continuation of our contact with the Guardian of the Deep, an ancient being from deep inside our planet who had never surfaced or worked with humans until we met in Death Valley a few years ago. He has been instrumental in the land healing project, and a great resource. This discourse came through last Dec. in Death Valley, just after the Solstice ceremony.

GUARDIAN OF THE DEEP: Thank you so much for coming here again, I have been looking forward to your visit! I am so blessed by you coming to visit me here in this special place, the place of my first emergence to the surface. I am truly honored that you would come back here again, and I am so glad that you will be taking the rocks out [we gathered small rocks to give to people who want to connect with him], which are specially consecrated.

I am conferring with the Master St. Germain, and other masters who are here today, as you can see. We are working together to formulate a plan of action for me, so that I may be of greater service to the spiritual hierarchy. I am very much honored to be visited by these great beings, and to be of service to the Ascended Host and the spiritual Presence. I am humbled by their greatness, I am humbled by this opportunity to serve in an even greater capacity.

I have come far, I have evolved and learned very quickly the ways of humans, and I am in the process of still formulating how to best use this knowledge I have for the benefit of all the beings, on and in this planet, physical and non-physical.

The ceremony that you did [Winter Solstice 2009] -- you and all those around the world who participated, you incredibly loving beings, all of you -- was so very touching. I was deeply touched by this effort of all of you, human beings who so selflessly love this planet and humanity, even though all of you know what terrible mistakes and terrible things have happened because of the ancestors, and are currently happening by those who do not care or know any better.

Because of this wonderful service that all of you so lovingly carried out, and all of the wonderful forgiveness and grace that was invoked in the ceremony, I am deeply touched, and it makes me even more willing to put forth whatever effort it takes to create the balance on this planet that is so desired by you humans.

There are so many human beings who truly desire peace and harmony! This is what I finally understand about humanity! I did not at first think that this was the case, but now I see it, now I am impressed, now I know that really, the vast majority of humanity desires the balance and it is only a few who do not. It is only a few who choose power over others, and who have influenced others to act on their behalf, or to believe that what is taught by the few is reality, when in fact it is not reality.

The vast majority of humanity either already gets this or will get it soon! There is a massive shakeup happening within humanity and this is what I am so deeply touched about and so fascinated with! As people find the core values within themselves that have to do with love and forgiveness, all the other non-truths they have been indoctrinated with, start to look less real.

Those deep, deep values seem to be inherent in most of the people, and this is what is being brought out now in the midst of chaos and various other activities that humans are going through now. What is emerging is this incredible truth and wisdom, and the core values that have always been there! Even though there have been these few people who have influenced the masses at times, to do things that are against these core values, they are still there . . . in the heart! They only need to be ignited again, they only need a reminder for these to come out and start to act again in their lives.

This is what is happening! The ceremony all of you did around the planet, lifted enough mass and negativity, so that many more are able to reach in and grab those core values again, and this is such a revelation to me about the power of this work, and of the people.

This is so very encouraging to me, and I am being given the task, as I work with the Ascended Masters, of carrying this message of hope to the inner Earth beings who I know so well, and instilling them with a sense of hope for humanity so that they will be aligned with a purpose that will balance this planet more quickly!

Since you two went to the other side of the Earth, and then directly across to Europe, and installed those beautiful columns of light there, we have been so very busy with bringing this light into the core of the planet, and bridging all the areas of Earth together!

The Spirit of the Earth, who you call Gaia, is overseeing these works that you and I do, and that the Ascended Host is involved with. We are all working together now! This is new! We have not worked together for a long, long time. So you see, this is an exciting time to be a part of this entire awakening. This is why I am so excited you are here today to speak with me in this sanctified place, and this is also why the Ascended Host is here to participate in this gathering and to help me know what I can do best to facilitate this wonderful awakening and healing within humanity and the Earth.

I also want to tell you, that St. Germain and the Ascended Host are taking me through an initiation in preparation for becoming an emissary for the Ascended Host, and this is important so that I may take my next level of evolution.

This is very involved with what you do as well, because they are initiating me into the Order of Melchizedek and I would also like, if you are willing, to be initiated through your event in the summer, so that I may be officially initiated by you as well.

Now I know this may be a little difficult since I do not have a body, but I truly desire to become a full member of the Order of Melchizedek so that I will be an emissary of that Order, as you two are, and all whom you have initiated. For though the Ascended Masters are working with me directly, yet I feel it is the two of you I would like receive my final initiation from, if that is agreeable to you.

OMARAN: Not only is it agreeable, we will find a way to make it possible. That is wonderful news!

GUARDIAN OF THE DEEP: Very well. I am truly excited about that opportunity because I see that wherever you go you carry those energies with you, both the Order of Melchizedek and the Order of the Blue Snake. You carry "credentials" with you, and I believe by my being initiated I will carry more credentials as well, because the nature kingdom very much respects both of those organizations. It is not that I do not have authority, but I believe by aligning myself in this formal manner, it will give me more authority and respect within the nature kingdom.

Now, as far as how the Earth Healing Grid is working, things are still shifting because of the ceremony. And because of my new purpose and alignment with the spiritual hierarchy, I am being given a new assignment that is slightly different and that is not fully disclosed yet, so you will have to wait on that. But I am still working in my capacity to bring the inner Earth beings into an awareness of and more cooperation with the surface beings. By that, I mean the nature spirits on the surface and the nature spirits inside the deep Earth. And ultimately, with humans.

So we have several levels of beings here working together. Most of the nature spirits, even on the surface, have given up in working with humans, as you know. So it is no small task to convince them to be useful again, or to be purposeful again in their working with humans. Many of them have deep grudges against humans, I have to admit, and there is a deeply held prejudice among these beings towards humans. This has been one of my major challenges, bridging that, and calling for their support again. This is why it is so important for you to call in the forces of other humans to help request that nature spirits be more cooperative and forgive humans their past mistakes.

Because for the most part, the nature spirits have given up on humans, and this is not a cooperative arrangement. As they gave up on humans and humans started to disavow even any knowledge of these nature intelligences, major problems occurred in nature. It does require that everyone work together to balance the planet again.

It would seem, from an outsider's perspective, that it is not even possible that beings would live on a planet and not be aware of it! However, this is what has happened with many of the humans. This is why there has been so much imbalance and so many mistakes made, because if you are not in touch with the planet, you have no consciousness of what you are doing.

So this is your part as humans, to help bridge the worlds between the different beings, the nature spirits, the humans and the Ascended Host. We have three different levels of beings on this planet. The humans are the critical component. I believe that by the land healing you are doing, this is in process. I am supporting you and working diligently with the inner Earth beings to educate them in awareness and purpose to balance this planet again.

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