Pyramid Energies

[Excerpt of a message through Antera in April 2009.]

METATRON: I greet you, this is Metatron of the Light! And I am very glad you have opened to this communication channel this evening for I am very excited about the prospect of this pyramid finally being built. How long has it been since it was first suggested?

OMARAN: My guess would be about 12 years Earth time, maybe longer.

METATRON: Indeed, well now you have a perfect and welcome opportunity to build it within this time frame so that it will be maximized in its effectiveness and abilities. If you build it to be christened on the date you have planned, you will see that the pyramid takes on the energies of the crystal in the mountain and will channel those energies throughout in a very powerful way. Since the crystal that is being awakened is one of multi-dimensionality, let me explain just for a moment what that means.

This pyramid will be a focus for travel into other dimensional spaces, as well as the traditional pyramidal energies which will also be flowing through it. This multidimensional capacity that allows you to more easily access the higher dimensions will also create a field that will change your DNA structure and the ability of your physical body to speed up its evolutionary process, and be able to embrace the energies that this planet is embracing much more quickly. I believe you will find that when you sit or lie in the pyramid you will feel a quickening of your physical body and also a freeing of the spirit.

In other words many people will have what you call "out of body experiences." This is not to say that these people will be going out in their astral body, like many people do at night. Oh no! We are speaking of the soul body, the causal body, the light body. These are the bodies that are activated by this pyramid and by the crystal when it is fully functional. By completing it before the crystal is activated, you will be creating the pyramid in conjunction with the crystal's energies and tuning it to those energies.

I believe it will be a force in this area! Not only for your property, but for the entire mountain, and surrounding area. Right now it is not fully known what this effect will truly be. We know how pyramids have acted in the past, they do anchor areas of land, they do create portals, they do quicken the spiritual evolution of people. Beyond that, they have certain stabilizing influences and this is the part that we are very interested in right now. If it does indeed act to stabilize this area, and by this area I mean quite a large area, perhaps all of the West Coast, then this will act to change many of the negative forces and balance out to a greater degree the entire gridwork that you have emplaced on this continent.

It will be likened to the grid point you have in the Rockies, and will create the stable area for this part of the continent. And it will be a place to charge up tremendous energies into the grid, spreading out the energies of the crystal here and the charged up energies of the pyramid directly into the grid point, and therefore spreading them out over the land much more quickly! The full use of pyramids is not yet known! Many of the people who have studied pyramids from the past did not fully understand and do not fully understand everything they were used for, and all that happened because of them, and how the energy of the land changed when they were built.

This we will see, and even though this pyramid is not as large as some of the giant ones that have been built in the past, it will still have a tremendous effect because it is on this mountain! And the mountain itself already has tremendous energies, now you add the crystal activating and the pyramid, so you see this amplifies the pyramid, many, many, many times! That is why we are excited! That is why we have been pushing this a bit of late.

I know you have many things you are working on, and I know that you always meet your deadlines, it is just a matter of timing.

Copyright 2009 Antera and Omaran
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