White Buffalo Calf Woman:
You Are All Earthlings!

[Excerpt of a message through Antera in Aug 2009.]

Note from Antera and Omaran: White Buffalo Calf Woman, a Native American prophet who has been involved with the land healing project, blessed us with a visit to our home after we returned from Australia, and wants us to share this message.

I come to greet you, to see where you live . . . and to thank you. You have indeed put out your best effort to spread my message among my people.

I want to reiterate, I want to repeat that all peoples need to come together as one now! There are differences -- there are culture differences, ways of "looking at the world" differences, philosophical differences -- but it is time for all peoples to recognize that you are all of a culture that inhabits this planet. You are Earthlings! It is time to raise up the perspective of all human beings to Earthlings, not the different races and cultures that so many now identify with.

Since you have completed this leg of your journey and bound the planet together by anchoring the other side of the planet to the grid you created here, more than ever this planet becomes one. I also include those beings who do not live on the surface. We call forth a togetherness, a commonality that is very deep, and goes far beyond cultural opinions, religious beliefs. It goes far beyond that! In this time of change and transformation, all peoples need to recognize this, that they are all of one sort. One people!

What you did during your last field trip -- and I was along at each of your ceremonies -- was you once again bridged between peoples, adding an entire new race, the aboriginals, and a new country, continent, new ideas, and cultures. All of these now have gone into the mix! And the beings who participated there on the other side of the Earth, are learning so much from the beings here. They have been quite isolated.

So there is a tremendous exchange of information and ideas, and an expansion of the group mind, of all of these beings. What I mean by group mind is, thought forms greatly magnified, possibilities opened up, so that new ideas, new possibilities are embraced. This is what happens when one isolated culture meets another, ideally. Of course, in the history of this planet we have had many times when cultures met and one overcame the other, or considered themselves superior, rather than this being a sharing, an expansion of both cultures into a new awareness.

When two cultures meet, the highest road is for each to share with the other, and an acceptance and knowledge exchange to be presented, so that the best of each can move forward into a new culture. This is an age when it needs to be reality! The best of each of the cultures needs to come forward and become a part of all the cultures so that it is the best of the best that emerges as the Earth culture! With this many people there will be much mixing, and it is not useful to try and hold on to an individual way of being, when there are other ways of being, other possibilities.

This will become even more important when beings from other planets are met, and other cultures that are far different, and even look far different, than anything that has been encountered before between cultures on this planet. This is a preparation for that.

What you have done here, with expanding the grid through the center of the planet and to the other side, is you have introduced into the Devic Kingdom many different cultures. Those of this continent mixing with those of the other continent, but also the humans of each continent are adding their cultures through the mix. And all this has been brought through the core, which then gives those beings in Inner Earth, which are non-physical, an opportunity to study the surface beings, both physical and non-physical, and understand more fully the entire Earth culture. And the importance of all beings!

This important achievement has done more than any of us truly realized. And by the way, I am very impressed that you would do this at all. There are so few people on this planet who would take the time and effort to do this kind of healing work on the land! We have seen the progression of this project, yet I am still impressed that you would take those two weeks to run around to the other side, through the very slow and cumbersome means of travel that you have available, and do what you said you would "try" to do.

It is such a good sign. And all those who supported you in this work are also so appreciated and blessed! Because they too are land healers! They understand the significance and importance of this project and planet.

This is an important planet. Many, many eyes of the universe are on it now, because this is a time of transformation and great shift for the entire planet. Many others are watching how the human beings, as well as the nature spirits, respond and cooperate to create the shift that is optimal. For you see, there are many options, depending on the cooperation and the work of many of the humans as well as the nature spirits, animals, and plants.

There may be a large shift, and there may be a small one. There are still options and this is why this planet is so well watched. None of you can hide. All of the people who supported this project, as well as the two of you, are being congratulated for their help and their efforts . . . .

I have one other thing to say, about the energy going though the core. The pathways that were made are not straight across, they have been made to go directly into the center of the core and curve around until they come out here. When you were over there, you sent them straight down to the core. The ones on this side were also sent straight down to the core. . . and so they met. They curve. So there is a direct connecting line into the core, you have created this.

The more of these connections there are the better, but you have made that initial connect, across the planet. The ancient land that you connected to, over there, is one of the more stable areas on the planet, much more stable than your Rocky Mountain grid point. But if you, on each continent, find the most stable areas and use those as the most powerful points to coalesce energy from the others, and send them through the core, this is a working system. Many of the coastal grid points on this continent are not going through the core, they are not strong enough, but together, if they all are connected to more powerful places, then those can go through the core.

Copyright 2009 Antera and Omaran
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